Support Center

Support Center is powerful, but easy to use ticketing system for your WordPress site.

Support Center 1.3.1 is out!

To update from 1.2 or 1.3, just overwrite files, no need to re-install plugin from WP (if you want to keep your settings and tickets)
Main features
  • Multiple user roles that are not depending on WordPress roles
  • 2 types of customers – Exclusive and Normal (Exclusive customers have some benefits that normal customers don’t)
  • User-friendly interface for both staff and customers
  • Detailed ticket preview
  • Pre-made repsonses for staff members to make their life easier
  • Auto-Responders with custom e-mail templates
  • Plenty of dynamic tags that you can use while building your e-mail templates
  • Translation ready
  • and many more!
  • Front-end Shortcodes
    Since Support Center 1.1, you can keep your customers out of back-end by using front-end shortcodes for ticket creation form, ticket preview screen and “My Tickets” screen.
    Demo Testing
  • Customer Account
    user: democustomer
    pass: demo
  • Exclusive Customer Account
    user: demoexclusive
    pass: demo
  • Operator Account
    user: demooperator
    pass: demo
  • Supervisor Account
    user: demosupervisor
    pass: demo

  • Please use demo accounts only for testing purpose
    In order to work, Support Center must have access to wp-admin/admin-ajax.php even for front-end shortcodes. There was one theme which was preventing access to this file so plugin couldn’t work, so make sure your theme is compatible before making purchase.