Send Mobile Push Notification Messages

What is this?

- We provide a complete solution to send mobile push notification messages to IOS and Android platforms.
With this plugin you have your own push notification system like and but to send with no limit as the system connect directly with Apple & Google servers to send the push notification messages.
- The plugin are those who have an mobile app and would like to send push notification messages.
- The plugin can connect with any table in any database that contains the data of the device tokens.


Demo for the plugin working watch now on Youtube


  • Support platforms IOS/Android
  • Feedback service to IOS/Android to find and deactivate the invalid devices (i.e. Devices that uninstall your app)
  • Give you a detailed report after sending operation is done
  • Powerful panel to manage your registered devices token
  • Powerful dashboard to send messages
  • Archive for sent messages
  • Insert the device tokens data and prepare to send in queue system
  • Connect and send the messages in queue system which prevents any overloads on server
  • Pause/Resume preparing and sending operation at any time
  • Send 1 million message in 20 minutes (Tested on Hostgator shared hosting Hatchling package)
  • Determine an expire time for your messages
  • Send iOS messages with custom Badge, Sound, Lock-key and Image
  • Very easy to setup, Very easy to use
  • Reconnecting automatically if happened any errors like push servers is not responding
  • Send extra values with your message in JSON or normal form (i.e. Used from developers to send values like item ID, URL top open etc.)
  • Handling any errors from servers while sending operation like:
    Server is not responding or unavailable for this moment and there is ability to reconnect automatically
    If there is any problem with Google API key
    If the size of message greater than the allowed size from Google
    If Apple refuse the certification file and the password phrase
    If Apple send error to refuse the payload size
    Give you error if there are some functions your server does not support them
  • Connect and read the device token values from any custom table at any Localhost/Remote database
  • Connect with multi database in the same time
  • Categorize the subscribers by using the channels system
  • Processing the text message for sending as much as possible number of characters
  • Smart to cut your message if it exceeds the allowed size from Apple
  • Wonderful easy panel for watching and processing the sending operation
  • Watch instant log while sending push messages that informs you the connection status, server responding and any errors related to the sending operation
  • How it works?

    There is an API allows to you to do all necessary operations.
    For example you can start add the device tokens to the database by this API link:,2
    Take a look to the all API services in the documentation page here

    API Services

  • Save new device token
  • Edit the device subscription in channels
  • Get a list of channels and whichever device subscribed
  • Get the list of all channels
  • Help to install

    We provide a free support for helping you to setup the plugin and integrate it in your web app Help desk


  • Extra option for sending in a scheduled time using cron jobs
  • Supporting Windows Phone 8
  • Supporting Safari push notification
  • More customizations in IOS message like Badges, Sound and launch image
  • Save sending options history
  • Upload Apple’s certification file
  • If you want to see other feature you need it, please feel free to tell us
  • Note:

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    Try it now
  • Note: Some features in control panel will be disabled for security reasons
  • User: admin
  • Password: demo
  • How to install?

    Just upload plugin files to the specified folder and sure that Permalink system is enabled


  • Full documentation embedded inside the plugin for developer use
  • Full documentation exists with plugin files
  • For quick view and test you can visit this link:
  • Requirements

  • Wordpress release 3.0 or later
  • PHP version 5.2.3 or later
  • CURL library for Google
  • PHP SSL enabled for Apple and outgoing port 2195
  • Support

    We will be happy if you ask us for any help


    Version 2.5 – 03/10/2014 -New feature: Send iOS message with custom Badge, Sound and Image -New feature: Archive for sent messages -New feature: New fancy dashboard for sending messages -New feature: Save sending settings -Improvement: Speedup sending process -Improvement: Speedup preparing data for sending operation -Improvement: New easy method for sending payloads with push messages Version 2.4 – 03/07/2014 -Bug Fix: Fix duplicate send for first regiment in Android sending queue -New feature: Add new feature to upload the certification file in plugin setting page Version 2.3 – 03/05/2014 -Bug Fix: Fix error that causing slow down connection with Apple -New feature: Add new option "iOS Test Mode" -New feature: Add the feedback service to work separately -Improvement: Improve send service core system -Improvement: Speed up send process Version 2.2 – 03/01/2014 -Bug Fix: Fix minor bugs in Apple sending service -Improvement: Improve connect with remote database connection -Improvement: Improve add a new connection -Improvement: Load the plugin files separately to avoid conflict with other plugins -New feature: Manage device tokens [Edit/Delete/Change] Version 2.1 – 02/15/2014 -Bug Fix: Appear error when trying to add a new connection for an empty token table -Improvement: Support uninstall the plugin in Wordpress network site Version 2.0 – 02/07/2014 -New Feature: Feedback service for handling invalid device tokens -New Feature: More customization options for IOS message -New Feature: Add expire time option for messages -New Feature: Insert the device tokens in queue system -New Feature: Detailed report after sending operation is done -Improvement: UI improvements with Ajax technique -Bug Fix: Minor bug fixes