Imager – Amazing Image Tool for WordPress

The plugin allows to create unlimited image sizes, regenerate the thumbs and to add css filters and animations directly from WP’s Media Section.
Unlimited image sizes + Thumbs Regeneration + CSS Filters and Animations + Watermarkers!


  • Custom thumb sizes
  • Unlimited sizes
  • WP Cropping
  • Manage sizes as Posts
  • Save your sizes from WP or Theme Updates
  • Regenerate all thumbnails in 1 Click
  • Global and Automatic filtering
  • Find your custom sizes in WP MEDIA select
  • Add 31 different CSS Filters to the thumb
  • Remove filter on Mouse over
  • Add your own Watermark image
  • Add 30 different CSS Animation to the thumb
  • Manage the options in “ADD MEDIA” (editor)
  • Customers Feedbacks

    Main reason:
    Design Quality
    Extra comments from the buyer:
    Great plugin works and functions perfect!


    Version: 1.5 (12 Mar 2014)

    [FIX] cleaned code to a better plugin performance [NEW] Custom Watermark on the images (really attached on image, not overlayed) [NEW] Global and automatic filters for all images [NEW] Disable filtering option on Mouse Over


  • CSS3 animation based on Animate.css
  • Regenerate Thumbnails by Viper007Bond included
  • Watermark.js by Patrick Wied