Google Interactive Maps

Google Interactive Maps

WordPress Plugin for creating interactive maps.

  • has Zoom Option with mousewheel and/or control button,
  • has a built-in popup modal function for click events,
  • has HTML tooltip on hover function (can show images in tooltip),
  • included Predefined Data,
  • generates SVG Maps (No Flash),
  • based on Google Geochart API
  • Google Interactive Maps plugin allows to create unlimited maps of

  • entire World (divided into countries, continents or subcontinents),
  • world Continent (divided into countries or subcontinents),
  • world Subcontinent (divided into countries),
  • a single Country (whole country or divided into provinces),
  • US State or Metropolitan areas
  • Active colored regions are shown in two ways: as fully colored Region, or Marker with colored bubble. Each active region can have Tooltip on hover and an Action on click. Both tooltip and action values can have HTML text and images.

    For each map individually can be set its own

  • Width and height,
  • Background color,
  • Border width and color,
  • Border Radius (supported by modern browsers),
  • Inactive region color,
  • Marker size,
  • Zoom possibility,
  • Action on click.
  • Plugin allows to use both shortcodes for posts, pages and widgets, or just insert the code into template. Plugin is based on Google GeoChart API, all necessary country and province data is included. Plugin enables to zoom maps with mouse scroll and drag them. Creates SVG maps (No Flash). You can display multiple maps on the same page. You can display same maps in different pages. See Examples of Google Interactive Maps plugin in action


    Version 1.0.1 Release Date 15.03.2014

    bug fix: fixed css style