Go - Responsive Portfolio for WP

Has a lot of features, yet simple? Yes.
This plugin is the ideal solution for creating portfolios, showcases or teasers. You can create new custom post types or use your existing blog posts, custom post type posts or products. If you would like to create a portfolio or looking for a complete solution managing portfolios, this product is a useful tool for you. It’s very easy and fast to create stunning portfolios and integrate them into your WordPress site using Admin Panel. You will surely find the one most appropriate for you, which can be customized in a few seconds. What other purposes can I you use this plugin for? We have some ideas.
You can create regular postfolios by creating new custom post types with image, audio or video thumbnails and lighboxes. Beside this feature the plugin is also suitable for creating portfolios or showcases using your regular blog posts or any other custom post type posts (e.g. WooCommerce). You can also use the plugin to create a post teaser (e.g. Recent posts, Related posts) via inserting the shortcode to a single post page exluding the current item. Is the sytem flexible? Yes.
Flexible, percent based grid system with customizable vertical and horizontal spaces up to 10 columns. You can create optionally filterable grid and slider layouts with optional and customizable responsivity.
You have a lot of query settings to show the posts, modifying the limit and order of the posts, filtering by taxonomies or terms. Modify or add new templates and styles globally and per portfolio with the built-in editor. Select the thumbnail image size for thumbnails and lighboxes, choose any of your existing ones. Can I use more than one portfolio on my site? Yes.
Add unlimited custom post types and portfolios and insert unlimited number of portfolios on your site or even on one single page via shortcodes. GO. Just Create!.
Many Wordpress users use “custom fields” (in metaboxes) for can display extra information. This option in your template settings will be amazing.
Thanks for you help.” jtorres_mora
“Wonderful item as always!
Can’t wait to use it in an upcoming theme of ours!” Thunderbuddies | Elite Author
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I am very pleased with the design and ease of work.” kerendoron
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I like it too .” sike | Elite Author
  • 4 default styles (FLEX, DOOR, VARIO, DELUX).
  • Reponsive grid layout or horizontally slider layout (up to 10 columns).
  • Flexible, percent based grid system with customizable vertical and horizontal spaces.
  • Optional responsivity with custom settings.
  • Huge Admin Panel. with tons of options.
  • Unlimited portfolios.
  • Unlimited custom post types.
  • Works with your existing custom post types and regular blog posts.
  • WooCommerce support – Product showcase.
  • Advanced post query options to show posts, setting the limit and order of the posts, filtering by taxonomies and terms.
  • Different thumbnail and lightbox types:
  • Image (JPG, PNG, GIF)
  • Video (Vimeo, Youtube, Screenr, Dailymotion, Metacafe)
  • Audio (Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Beatport)
  • Thumbnail and lightbox image size selecting options using your existing images.
  • Thumbnail aspect ratio settings option to use the their default aspect ratio or a custom one.
  • Built-in Template & Style editor with adding, editing, importing options.
  • System and Google Web Font (600+ fonts) support.
  • Translation ready with .mo .po files.
  • Advanced Import & Export settings.
  • Supports all modern browsers (including IE8).
  • Compatible with the latest WordPress version (currently 3.6.1).
  • Only the point.

  •                                                             Thank you for your time.
    v1.1 – Updated: 24.10.2013
  • [FIX] Retina bug fix.
  • [FIX] Fixed the conflicts with themes and plugins using Isotope plugin.
  • [FIX] Overlay icon alignment problems fix.
  • [FIX] IE8 post thumnail bug fix.
  • [FIX] Minor fixes in loop.
  • [FIX] Minor fix in shortcode HTML output (stripped the unneded code).
  • [FIX] General Settings page error output fix.
  • [FIX] Minor fixes in backend (PHP, CSS and Javascript).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Minor immprovements in public CSS (layout and skin) to prevent conflicts with 3rd party CSS files.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added new templates (e.g only excerpt, no date).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added touchswipe support for slider.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added touch support for style effects.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added to option to exlude cpts from search and set or unset archive for cpts.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Minor improvements in export function.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Separate query taxonomy and filter taxonomy (e.g. using category in post query then filter by tag).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added shortcode to show custom field data in template (e.g. [gopf_meta key=”my_key”]).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added attachment (media) support, with category and tag taxonomy support with visual gallery builder (adding and removing multiple images, sorting via Drag and Drop).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Optimized Javascript code for faster performance.