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With The Most Powerful WordPress Form Builder Plugin

Create Unlimited Contact Forms, Online Surveys, Booking Forms Or Event Registrations In WordPress Get More Contacts And More Leads With Forms Matching Your WordPress Theme Instantly Work Less With No Coding And Zero Programming Involved, It’s Super Fast And Easy To Use Have Complete Control On Your Forms Design Without Coding Any HTML Or CSS Know Exactly Who Is Contacting You With Our Social Networks Integration

Grab Your Visitor’s Attention

Create Your Perfect Form Style Catch Your Visitor’s Attention With Unlimited Colors And Design Combinations More Than 600 Fonts Available : have complete access to the entire Google fonts directory Unlimited Color Palette : each form element can have its own color properties (background, border, font)

Fast And Easy-To-Use

Preview And Edit Your Form Directly In Form Generator What You See In The Form Builder Is Exactly What You Will Get In Your WordPress page Build Your Form In Less Than 60 Seconds: take full control of your forms with our effortless
drag and drop form builder Real Time WordPress Form Builder Greatly Reduce The Time You Spend On Managing Forms In WordPress

Your Form Design Will Match Your WordPress Theme instantly

Customize Every Detail And Create Professional Looking Forms Everything Is Customizable :
  • Font color
  • Font size
  • Font family
  • Font weight
  • Input background color
  • Input border color
  • Input border width
  • Input border radius
  • Input width
  • Input height
  • Input padding
  • Field alignment
  • Button hover effects
  • Button font family
  • Button font size
  • Button font weight
  • Button background
  • Button border color
  • and much more!
  • Create Awesome Buttons with Beautiful Hover Effects: customize the background color,
    the border color and the text color when the mouse rolls over the button

    Submissions Archive

    Real-Time Reports: sorting and filtering options available Custom Reports Available : decide which data must be displayed in your report with
    easy to use drag and drop controls

    Export And Filter Your Data In Seconds

    Export Your Form Entries Easily into a CSV file or a text file Via the export function I can integrate all the e-mail addresses in the MyMail plug-in
    which I use for the newsletter campaigns. I ran your plug-in with the e-mails of the people
    for our past month workshops and all was sorted in less than 5 minutes.
    In the past I needed half a day to sort everything!

    Receive Uploads From Your Visitors

    Receive Any Files From Your Visitors: Images, Zip Files, Documents, etc. Receive Uploads As Email Attachments In Your Notification Message Secure Upload : set the file type and the maximum file size of the files you want to receive

    Anti-Spam Protection And Maximum Security

    Anti-Spam Protection : protect yourself from spam with 3 different captcha field settings Bulletproof Forms : each form includes validation procedures that prevent invalid data
    and prevent malicious code from being sent to you Secure Uploads : uploads file type and file size are automatically checked to keep your server
    100% clean

    Form Cloning For Faster Edition

    Create As Many Forms As You Need In Seconds Easy Edit : each form you create comes with its own configuration and settings Duplicate any form in one click to save you the trouble of recreating the same form multiple times

    Create Any Type Of Form

    Form Generator for WordPress can handle every type form you could possibly need :
  • Contact forms
  • Event registration forms
  • Online surveys and questionnaires
  • File upload forms
  • Reservation forms
  • Online applications
  • Feedback forms
  • and much more
  • Take a look at how easy it is to manage multiple choice inputs for your forms :

    Super Easy To Embed In Any WordPress Page

    WordPress Shortcodes Available : insert your forms in any WordPress post or page WordPress Widget Available: insert your form anywhere in your WordPress theme Popup Mode Available : open your form in a popup PHP Code Snippets Available : insert your form anywhere in your WordPress template files

    Now Creating Forms In WordPress Is EASY

    All Standard Form Inputs Available :
  • Single line text input
  • Multiline text input (textarea)
  • Drop down list
  • MultiSelect drop down list
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Hidden inputs
  • Text and inline elements :
  • Paragraphs
  • Titles
  • Images
  • Separators
  • Take Your Forms To The Next Level

    6 Advanced Form Fields Available
  • Email Field : email syntax validation is included
  • Phone Field : 5 phone formats available
  • Calendar Field : 8 date formats and more than 30 languages available
  • Time Field : AM PM and 24 Hour formats available
  • URL Field : URL syntax validation is included
  • Captcha Field : anti-spam protection available
  • No Coding Involved, No Programming Skills Required

    Don’t Waste Your Precious Time On Difficult WordPress Coding Anymore Focus On The Creative Aspects Of Your Forms And Leave The Technical Aspects Aside Yes, coding for WordPress is difficult, this is why we wanted this form builder to be
    as easy-to-use as possible so that you can focus on your website content instead of PHP and
    CSS coding. All your forms will work right out of the box. No knowledge of HTML, CSS or PHP is necessary to have it all working properly.
  • No CSS Headaches: use our powerful color palettes and font selector to give
    any style you want in your form
  • No PHP Coding Required : each form is created with its own php validation files,
    you won’t need to code anything to have it working properly
  • High Quality Code Guaranteed : Form Generator delivers clean HTML coded forms
    fully compliant with W3C standards
  • Custom Thank-You Page

    Show your confirmation message directly in the current page
    or redirect your visitor to a custom “thank you” page

    Custom Error Messages

    Customize the error messages with your own settings and your own language

    Gorgeous Form Builder

    You guys did an excellent job at the UI,
    I was impressed with the admin panel.
    This is coming from a UX/UI solutions architect with 14+ years experience.
    Steve This is one of the most time productive plugins I’ve used to date!!!!!
    I’ve been building websites for 16+ years and using Wordpress plugins for years …

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    WordPress Backward Compatibility

    Form Generator is 100% Compatible With: WordPress 3.7
    WordPress 3.6
    WordPress 3.5
    WordPress 3.4
    WordPress 3.3