Aviary for WordPress

This plugin brings in WordPress all the power of Aviary for editing your images. Aviary is currently the best tool for image editing, it’s plenty of tools and effects similar to Instagram. Intranet sites: be sure the images you want to edit are accessible via internet as Aviary has to download the image to apply the modifications. Video preview


  • enhance: Autocorrect your photo with one of four basic enhancements.
  • effects: Choose from a variety of effects and filters for your photo.
  • frames: Choose from a variety of frames to apply around your photo.
  • stickers: Choose from a variety of stickers you can resize and place on your photo.
  • orientation: Rotate and flip your photo in one tool.
  • focus: Adds a selective linear or radial focus to your photo.
  • resize: Resize the image using width and height number fields.
  • crop: Crop a portion of your photo. Add presets via API. Fixed-pixel cropPresets perform a resize when applied.
  • warmth: Adjust the overall image color temperature.
  • brightness: Adjust the overall image brightness.
  • contrast: Adjust the overall image contrast.
  • saturation: Adjust the overall image saturation.
  • sharpness: Blur or sharpen the overall image in one tool.
  • colorsplash: Use a smart brush to colorize parts of your photo which becomes grayscale otherwise.
  • draw: Add doodle overlays with a brush.
  • text: Add custom, resizable text.
  • redeye: Remove redeye from your photo with a brush.
  • whiten: Whiten teeth with a brush. (Not supported in IE7-IE8)
  • blemish: Remove skin blemishes with a brush.